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Perhaps Local Politics & History Part of the School Curriculum

Where is the Forest? I Can’t See the Forest, Why?

More Story on Lundy Log House & Extended Lundy Family Photo

By Paul McIntosh, Aurora ON. It doesn’t take long here in Aurora as you drive around in and just outside of town before you see them. Rising up and providing a glorious spectacle of green throughout the warmer months and a dazzling spray of colours for us in the fall. We are blessed here to …

A few weeks ago in a matter of a few hours a white crane standing at the Joint Operations Centre was gone. It was quite a sight to watch the construction crane taken apart, section by section

A black bear was killed by York Regional Police in Newmarket, Ontario; breaking news on June 1st, 2015. The black bear death news made headlines on almost all major news networks probably across the nation

Over the course of the past few months it has not been an exciting time for the Town of Aurora. Definitely, business retention has been an issue. A couple of weeks ago, after operating for decades

I don’t get it. I really don’t. A few months ago the Town of Aurora was determined to implement a clear garbage bag program; a form of garbage diversion. It was supposed to be a good thing. It was supposed to be a ‘social responsibility’ thing. The focus was on Town of Aurora residents. Residents were opposed and …

By K. Taylor, Aurora ON. It’s nice to hear good news. Good news on a Friday night with a glass of wine in hand is even better. Good news on a fine Friday night with a glass of wine and the sun warming your week-worn face would be best, but we shouldn’t get greedy now. …

By K. Taylor, Aurora ON. I’ve been on a major de-cluttering spree the past week or so. Inspired by a good friend, I got the bug and bravely began the daunting task of digging the house out from under the piles of outgrown clothes, forgotten toys and broken sports equipment that seem to mark modern …

The Aurora Family Leisure Complex Youth Centre grand opening is happening this weekend (May 2nd, 2015). A ribbon cutting ceremony and lots of fun activities afterwards. It is going to be a busy weekend

Is it marihuana or marijuana? While Health Canada is having difficulties deciding on the spelling for the plant also known as Cannabis, here in the Town of Aurora our Town Council will be reviewing potential land

On April 14, 2015 during the Special Council Meeting for the Aurora Family Leisure Complex renovation issues, an angry AFLC member shouted at the Town of Aurora Mayor, “you work for me.” I am not sure